Please view slides and other information detailing the progress made to-date and register for the Virtual Public Availability Session in advance. Then engage with project experts via Zoom between 6:00 and 8:00 PM on December 3 and get answers to questions or more detailed information. To limit the spread of COVID-19, in-person meetings are not being held at this time.

Public Availability Sessions

New York State is overseeing a thorough cleanup of contamination found below-ground on portions of the Elmira High School property and remains committed to ensuring the students, faculty, and community are kept informed of these actions. The Zoom event will be similar to in-person Availability Sessions hosted by New York State. There will not be a formal presentation. Instead, project experts involved in the cleanups will be available to respond directly to questions and comments from the attending public. Representatives from DEC, DOH, Unisys Corporation, and EHS will be available to provide detailed information on the extensive work completed this summer, the ongoing work on the football field, and plans for future investigation and cleanup activities. We look forward to addressing your questions and concerns.

The latest Community Newsletter about the Former Sperry Remington Sites is available on DEC’s Project website or the Elmira City School District website for additional information.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND, or your interest is of a private / health concern, DEC encourages you to contact the project team via phone, email or online form through the new Project Hotline  on the DEC’s Project website